What to see & do

Iceland has plenty to offer the adventurous. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors, or just experience daily life in the city, there are activities and opportunities to meet your needs. 

Do you want to spend a day atop a glacier? That can be arranged. Would you prefer to walk, use a snowmobile, or travel in a super-jeep? It is your choice. Would you rather go whale watching? Or bird watching? Ride a bicycle? Or experience subliminal waterfalls? See what a spurting geyser really looks like? This is all within reach. 

Or possibly, you are the adventurous type? The kind who needs an adrenaline rush to feel alive? Then perhaps you want to go river rafting in a challenging glacial river? Or diving in some of the unique locations around the country? Ice climbing on a vertical glacial wall? Or surf the open waves of the North Atlantic? Or perhaps you would like to go fishing? What is your preferred catch? Would you prefer lakes, streams or the open ocean? Possibly ice fishing is your thing? 

Or just maybe you would rather enjoy the culture and the opportunities of the city? Visit a museum or enjoy the fresh local cuisine? Or both? Or play a little golf and then wind down the day in a relaxing geothermal pool? 

It is all up to you. Visit Iceland, the official tourism and travel site has all the relevant information. 

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