Top Spots to Watch Puffins in Iceland

Where can Puffins be seen in Iceland?
Dyrhólaey, the promontory and southernmost point of mainland Iceland, is only a two and a half hour drive east of Reykavík.
Heimaey island, in Vestmannaeyjar, has been the puffin capital of Iceland through centuries.
Ingólfshöfði is the next stop, a one and a half hour drive east of Dyrhólaey. A great location in the shadow of Iceland’s highest mountain, Öræfajökull.
Papey island, just off Djúpivogur, East Iceland, and 600 km (360 miles) from Reykjavík, is one of the greatest places to see puffins up close and personal.
Borgarfjörður eystri, is another East Iceland location to spot puffins. The best place is by the harbor, south of the village.
Grímsey island, north of Iceland, and the only place which touches the Arctic circle in Iceland, is another spot with large puffin colonies.
Látrabjarg cliff, in the West Fjords, and the westernmost point of Europe, is another great location to see this beautiful bird, only a seven hour drive from Reykjavík.  
Words and photo by Páll Stefánsson

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