DesignMarch in Reykjavik March 23-26

DesignMarch, Iceland’s most important annual design festival, officially opens March 23. DesignMarch covers all fields of design, including architecture, graphic design, fashion, furniture and product design. It concludes on March 26. During the festival, the city of Reykjavík will be the venue for one hundred exhibitions, workshops and other events, spread across the capital.

During DesignMarch, Icelandic designers introduce their products, and international design experts share their knowledge at the DesignTalks forum.

The Forum is a day of design-centered, inspirational talks, including the following speakers: Paul Bennett of IDEO, Alexander Taylor, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Christien Meindertsma and Michèle Degen.

Two exhibitions opened earlier in the month. One of them, Roundabout Baltic PLUS Iceland, at the Nordic House, features items designed in countries along the Baltic Sea. The other one is Case Studies – Product Design into the 21st Century at Kjarvalsstaðir, which is part of Reykjavík Art Museum.

A new addition to DesignMarch is Design Diplomacy, which takes you to the manors of ambassadors for discussion events. Inside the  residences, designers from the hosting countries meet Icelandic designers for a game of question cards. The topic of discussion will be design as an intercultural exchange.

DesignMatch pairs local designers with international design producers, retailers, curators, journalists, and other design experts. It allows for the exploration of new ideas from the Icelandic design scene. Designers and industry partners meet under one roof, giving designers an opportunity to network with future  international collaborators.

Tickets to the Reykjavík Fashion Festival, held alongside DesignMarch on March 24 and 25, are available at  and at This year’s fashion designers will include Aníta Hirlekar, Magnea, Inklaw, Another Creation, Myrka and Cintamani.

For more information, please visit the Facebook page of the Fashion Festival, the Facebook page of DesighMarch, or blog page

By Vala Hafstað

Photo by DesignMarch


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