Iceland - the Silicon Valley of whitefish

Fish has always been a dependable source of nutrition in a country with harsh conditions and fishing has been a part of our history and traditions since Iceland was first settled. You might say it is a part of our DNA. The Icelandic fish industry has a unique, competitive advantage. The tech-savvy island boasts of entrepreneurship, specialization, and cooperation that make it the Silicon Valley of whitefish. A lot of effort has been put into building knowledge and growing the fishing industry of Iceland to its modern, mature state. Through responsible handling of fish stocks, the future of the industry issecured and a more robust economy is achieved. The marine sector in Iceland is well known for its efficiency and progressive technology. This small economy has a number of companies specialized in servicing the fishing industry and the global food market at different levels of the value chain: from providing fresh seafood products to fishing gear, processing technology, logistics and IT solutions.

Through a solid background in the fishing industry, Icelandic companies have become global leaders in their specific field and offer high-quality products, service and advice.

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