From Geothermal Greenhouses

The rough, untamed terrain and challenging weather conditions have benefited Icelandic agriculture in interesting ways. The harshness and isolation of the terrain has been instrumental in maintaining the purity of Icelandic nature and its produce. The bountiful geothermal energy under the soil is valuable for the Icelandic farmer. This renewable energy, coupled with Iceland’s enormous reserves of clean water resources have opened up countless possibilities that are still being explored. Much of Iceland’s agricultural produce is grown indoors in state of the art, automated greenhouses, heated with geothermal energy and supported with electric lights to supplement the low levels of sunlight during the winter months. The main produce from the greenhouses are tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, cabbage and strawberries. The traditional outdoor crops in Iceland are carrots, rhubarb, rutabaga, cabbage, leeks, potatoes, cauliflower and kale but in later years, experiments and production of organic rapeseed and barley have been successful. Icelandic producers continue to make forays into new and exciting fields adding to the variety of produce.

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