Spirits and Beer

Interesting Variety

Production of spirits and beer in Iceland has been booming over the last decade. The clean Icelandic water is used in the production, as well as local herbs and spices.

Berries, such as blueberries, juniper and crowberries, are used in many of the liquors and snaps. Rhubarb liquor is also available, and rhubarb plays a part in Icelandic culinary culture. Aquavit is produced with caraway seeds and angelica seeds from the Icelandic nature. Whiskey, gin and aquavit is produced from Icelandic barley which gives the drink a unique flavour.

The is a variety of Icelandic beer on the market, including many craft beer from small breweries around the island. The breweries offer seasonal beer as well as beer brewed for special occasions, often with unique and interesting taste. 

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