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For centuries, fishing has been an essential part of both Icelandic history and culture. It has been the lifeline of the nation, both as a vital part of the diet, and the country’s primary export product. In the clean waters around Iceland, cool and warm ocean currents meet to create the ideal conditions for prolific fishing grounds.

Icelanders understand fish and depend on it, which is why rigorous standards are in place to ensure healthy, sustainable fisheries for future generations. Responsible fisheries management is the single most important tool that enables the fishing industry of Iceland to provide its customers with wholesome, sustainably sourced wild seafood products for the future. With optimal treatment of the product, quality is preserved throughout the process, from the moment the fish is caught, until it arrives in markets.

The fishing fleet is equipped with advanced technology and the same holds true for the processing facilities on land. The main species from wild catch in Icelandic waters are cod, haddock, saithe, golden redfish, herring, mackerel and capelin.

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