Creative industries

The creative industries are at the crossroads of the arts, culture, business and technology. The term refers to the cycle of creation, production and distribution of goods and services that use intellectual capital as their primary input. The creative industries are grounded on the formulation of new ideas, and the application of those ideas to produce original works of art and cultural products, functional creations, scientific inventions and technological innovations.

Creative industries are burgeoning sector of Icelandic economy that ranges from fine art to gaming and software development. And everything in between. Icelandic designers, filmmakers, authors and musicians draw inspiration from the rich cultural heritage and the extreme natural environment, while enjoying the advantages of close ties to global cultural trends.

Many local designers are heavily influenced by the stark contrasts of Iceland's nature. This is clearly reflected by the use of unusual textiles and raw materials among designers of fashion- and footwear. Significant elements of nature are also reflected in modern architecture.

True to its cause the Promote Iceland has made every effort possible to support this relatively young export trade by organizing or participating in various ventures at home and abroad.

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