Clean Tech

Clean tech - Green technology 

Sustainability and energy efficiency
Iceland is in a unique position when compared to other countries in relation to green technology. The country is richer in hot springs and high-temperature activity than any other in the world and as a result the competitive cost is based on sustainable hydro and geothermal power. Most of the vegetation and agricultural areas are in the lowlands close to the coastline and the North Atlantic Ocean is a source of food and valuable minerals. The sea route bypassing Iceland is a vast highway for commerce.

Resources are transformed in a sustainable way
Rich fishing grounds around the country have a major impact on the livelihoods of the population. The universities and research community in Iceland have focused on the development of products where the resources are transformed in a sustainable way to improve life conditions of present and future generations. They emphasize green technology and work on various research projects in the field of health and biotechnology, green buildings and constructions, ICT as well as technology and equipment for the fishing and food processing industry. Iceland offers universal solutions who are outstanding in green technology and contribute to solving environmental challenges. The technological solutions are based on a better utilization of energy resources, reduced oil consumption, better utilization of raw material processing, and more.

Leaders in renewable energy development
Icelandic power infrastructure is ranked one of the world highest when it comes to reliability, efficiency and cost. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are prominent; if the goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions is to be reached, we must make changes in energy matters. Icelandic companies are leaders in consultancy and renewable energy development with decades of experience in all phases of the development. The aim is to utilize the renewable energy sources in a responsible and sustainable manner and emphasize quality, efficiency, power savings, water savings and sanitation.

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