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Bio & Health Technology in Iceland 

Purity and sustainability is all-important
Iceland sits astride the middle of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – a 10.000-mile crack in the ocean floor caused by the separation of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Geothermal energy and glacial rivers provide efficient green energy end the access to clean water is virtually unlimited. These conditions enable Iceland to produce unpolluted products and open new possibilities, including in bio- and health technology where purity and sustainability is all-important.

Global knowledge base and support system
Iceland has a solid infrastructure within bio- and health technology. The Icelandic population is well educated, open-minded and willing to embrace new technologies. Strong educational and research institutions and companies with qualified workforce and international connections have opened up new fields offering more diverse and extensive educational possibilities in health-, biomedical and biotechnology, ICT, engineering and business. Most Icelandic scientists today have gained their graduate qualifications abroad. Among the main strengths of the Icelandic scientific community is the extensive net of international connections, arising from, and maintained by researchers who have completed advanced research degrees in other countries. 

Icelandic health products and solutions are tailored to a global market
As Iceland has a small home market, innovation efforts need to have a global perspective from the get go. Therefore, Icelandic bio- and health products and solutions are tailored to a global market from the initial phases of development. Active cooperation has led to remarkable progress and many Icelandic companies in bio- and health technology are already servicing the global market. 

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