Eldhus - Little House of Food


Imagine having the chance to sample real Icelandic food in the country’s most remote and stunning locations? Well, Inspired by Iceland are giving you the chance to do just that. They’ll be taking the dining experience to a whole new level with Eldhús: Iceland’s Little House of Food on wheels which will be travelling across the most extreme areas of Iceland to showcase the best in Icelandic cuisine.
The tasty twelve day expedition will run from the 7th to the 18th March and will see the House braving frozen glaciers and volcanic terrain, teetering along mountain paths and stopping off at Iceland’s most extreme beauty spots to sample everything from gran’s home made stew to Iceland’s most cutting edge gastronomy.
The House has been built from scratch and offers up an exclusive and somewhat unique dining experience, fusing a traditional rustic feel with elements of contemporary design. Each night there will be a different Icelandic cook rustling up their most prized recipes for one table of lucky visitors in the House. You will eat at the table with the other guests, as well as the cook and our lovely butler, Heimir, who will be travelling around the country with the House.
Don’t worry if you’re not one of the lucky ones to be chosen - we’re encouraging all keen cooks in Iceland to open up their doors and invite tourists into their kitchens for some amazing home cooking. We want tourists to experience real Icelandic cuisine so if you want to submit an invite visit the Inspired by Iceland site. If you’d like to get in on the action visit the invite section at the Inspired by Iceland website.

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