Kult - Polish rock band

30.09.2018 18:00

Harpa, Reykjavík

The Big Picture

Where there are Polish people, there is Kult. Unique, timeless, indestructible - like every cult deeply rooted in human soul. Musical, lyrical and cultural cult, a band whose rock hymns are known by all the Polish citizens. Or simply - Kult!

One of the most renowned bands in Poland, a legend that has played countless shows, a cornerstone in contemporary Polish history - Kult, will play for the very first time in Iceland. But Kult is not just a legend. It is also the charisma of Kazik Staszewski, a tireless individualist who founded Kult in 1982 with Piotr Wieteska (now the band’s manager) and since then he’s never floated with the mainstream. The mixture of punk rock, new wave keyboards, jazz saxophones and various other instruments and sounds have for many years made its musical mark on the souls of Polish generations. 

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