Inspiration Tölt Islandpferd Exhibition in Berlin

16.05.2013 - 02.07.2013

Culture & Design

Copyright: Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson,
Photo of stallion Fylkir from Bakki

Tölt is an art exhibition entirely dedicated to the Icelandic horse, presented through diverse media such as photography, sculpture, video, animation, design and fashion.

The Icelandic horse carries a heritage of a tradition. It forms a significant part of the cultural identity of Icelanders. Wild in the Icelandic highlands, tamed for work and pleasure, transported and used for riding in new and different environments - horses are for Icelanders a concrete example of an ancestral culture. They embody a profound relationship to nature and are an inexhaustible inspiration - richly represented in Iceland’s literature, poetry and contemporary arts.

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