Celebrating the 100th year of Iceland's Independency

14.09.2018 21:00

HÚRRA, 101 Reykjavík

The Big Picture

On Friday September 14 two Icelandic bands and two Danish bands will perform on HÚRRA in Reykjavik to celebrate Iceland's 100 years of independence and sovereignty.

In 1918 Iceland achieved their independence from Denmark. First as a realm of its own, and in 1944 as a republic. This will be celebrated by several cultural events throughout the year, but as for the area of rock music, it will be profoundly marked by indie Pop/rock at  FREEDOM ROKK - when two Icelandic and two Danish bands get together and play. At first in Reykjavik and later in Copenhagen. B

ehind the concerts stands the Danish label Crunchy Frog (best known for bands such as PowerSolo, Shiny Darkly, epo-555, ONBC, Junior Senior, The Raveonettes, etc.), which through many years has had a special relationship to Iceland, and among others has the Icelandic band Apparat Organ Quartet on its roster. The line-up for the two concerts is a lovely mixture of new and experienced musical forces, women and men, known and unknown, catchy melodies and more experimental bands. The bands are as follows:   


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