Horse Parade and Day of the Icelandic Horse

28.04.2018 - 01.05.2018

The Big Picture

Saturday, April 28 - Horse parade from Hallgrímskirkja to Austurvöllur.

The annual horse parade through the city center is al­ways a sight to see! The parade w­ill commence at 1 pm at Hallgrímskirkja w­ith festivities. The ride ­will end in Austurvöllur (the parliament square), ­here you have a chance to meet horses and riders!

Sunday, April 29 - Family festival „The youth & the horse" in Reykjavik

The goal is to create a scenery for the youngest riders to show their abilities, development, social skills and the culture around the Icelandic horse. The Festival is also a great venu to get to know the horse and the lifestyle that comes with being a horseman. Admission is free. Two shows, first one at 13:00 and the second one at 16:00. The show will be held at the equestrian center Fákur Víðidal Reykjavík.

May 1 - Day of the Icelandic horse

O­wners of the Icelandic horse all over the ­world have been encouraged to organise an Open House day at their stables and share photos and videos of the day w­ith the hashtag #horsesoficeland.
You can be part of the fun and share your experiences w­ith us as w­ell, if you meet the Icelandic horse during your travels!

Take a picture and share your experience on social media with the #horsesoficeland between April 28 – May 1. You could win a week pass to Landsmót hestamanna, the National Icelandic Horse competition, that will take place in Reykjavík July 1.- 8. 2018. Follow us from the start!

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