Iceland and the US

The United States of America was the first government to recognize the establishment of the Republic of Iceland on June 17, 1944, thereby laying the foundation for the strong friendship between the two respective nations. Relations between Iceland and the New World can be traced back to Leifur Eiriksson´s westward voyage, Leifur and his fellow companions became  the first Europeans to set foot in North America in the year 1000 A.D.

The links to the left contain information on the history of the bilateral relations of Iceland and the United States, Icelandic associations in the US, Icelandic-Americans, and on Icelandic companies in the US.

The primary objective of the Embassy of Iceland is to foster political, economic, and cultural relations between the United States and Iceland. Furthermore, the Embassy´s mission is to be a conduit for communication between the two respective governments and thereby enhancing the bilateral relationship. Another important function of the Embassy is attending to the interests of Icelandic citizens vis-à-vis the United States. 

The Embassy will happily assist anyone in need of information regarding Iceland. The Embassy kindly points out that US citizens in need of consular assistance regarding their dealings with or in Iceland, should primarily turn to the United States Embassy in Reykjavík Iceland.

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