Icelandic in the US

The Icelandic language is taught at several universities in the US, frequently as a part of a broader Nordic and Icelandic studies. Below you can find information on where Icelandic and Icelandic studies are taught around the world.

Icelandic Studies Abroad

Other options for learning Icelandic in the US:

Icelandic Online

Provided by the Univeristy of Iceland.

Icelandic Tape Lessons

Contact the Icelandic Canadian Club of B.C.

3776 Arbor Street, Burnaby, BC V5J 1T4


Icelandic Conversations:

5 cassetts (5hr. and 52-p text (photocopy) $ 115,00


96 broad St. Ste. LA40B

Guilford, CT 06437-2635

phone: (203) 453-9794

fax:      (203) 453-9774

Credit Card to order call: 1-800-243-1234


The Icelandic Correspondence College

Noatun 17, P.O. Box 5144

125 Reykjavik, ICELAND

phone: 011-354-562-9750


The Sigurður Nordal Institute

 P.O. Box 1220,

121 Reykjavík, Iceland

Telephone: 354-5626050. Fax:  354-5626263

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