Education and Culture

One of the Embassy´s goals is to promote Icelandic culture in the US and strengthen the educational ties between the two countries. The Embassy occasionally hosts cultural events in the Washington D.C. and can act as a facilitator in the cultural exchange between artists.

The Embassy provides information on educational and research opportunities for Americans in Iceland. Currently, around 400 Icelanders are studying in the US, along with a considerable number of researchers.


Agricultural University of Iceland

Bifröst University

Hólar University

Iceland University of Education

Icelandic Academy for the Arts

The University of Akureyri

The University of Iceland

The University of Reykjavík

Cultural & Other Institutions:

The Center for Icelandic Art

The Sigurður Nordal Institute

The Fiske Icelandic Collection

Leifur Eriksson Foundation

The Snorri Program - Discover your roots in Iceland

Information about studying Icelandic in the U.S.

Miscellaneous Information:

Iceland Music Export

Website for the Ministry for Education

Icelandic Government Scholarships

Fulbright Commission

Video Gallery

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