National referendum on Icesave bill held on 9 April
Following the President´s decision not to sign into law the so-called Icesave bill passed by parliament, a national referendum on its validity will be held on 9 April. The bill had been passed by the Icelandic parliament with an overwhelming majority...
The Reykjavík Arts Festival 2011 May 20 to June 5
Iceland's President
Make sure not to miss the opportunity to participate in the unique atmosphere in Reykjavík during the Reykjavík Arts Festival, which brings joy and delight to Iceland's residents and guests in May each year.
Translators in Residence / Travel Support for 2011
Iceland's President
The Icelandic Literature Fund and The Writers' Union of Iceland accept applications for grants for translators of Icelandic literature. Applicants selected will be granted a two to four weeks stay in Gunnarshus in 2011.
Atlantic Conference on Eyjafjallajökull and Aviation
International conference on the effects of the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland on aviation. The conference is organized by Keilir Aviation Academy in cooperation with the President of Iceland, the Icelandic Ministry of Transport, the...

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