The Scandinavian Model: Can the Nordic Countries Lead the Way?

Speakers to Date:

Henry E. Gooss, Senior Advisor, Investor Growth Capital

Hilde Frafjord Johnsen, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

Lars G Nordström, Industrial Advisor, JKL

Helge J. Pedersen, Chief Economist, Nordea

Vesa Puttonen, Professor of Finance, Aalto University School of Economics

Meeting place: Scandinavia House on 58 Park Avenue (at 38th Street) in New York

To register, send e-mail to or +1 646 282 9360. The registration fee is $50.

Generously sponsored by: Finlandia Cheese, Icelandic USA, Inc., Kelsen Butter Cookies, Nordea Bank, Norseland Inc., Reyka Vodka and Voss Water

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