Siggi Hall, Eythor Runarsson and Gunnar Karl Gislason cook it up at the Beard´s House

Discerning foodies lucky enough to have recently eaten in Iceland know that volcanoes aren’t the only things causing excitement in that country. A culinary revolution has taken place in Reykjavik; fortunately for New Yorkers, the leaders of this movement are bringing their Nordic-fusion cuisine to the Beard House on 28 October at 7pm.

Siggi Hall, Eythor Runarsson and Gunnar Karl Gislason will put their spell to work and produce a spectacular menu consisting of:

Hors d’Oeuvre
- Assorted Icelandic Herrings with Onions, Chopped Eggs, Spicy Skyr and Hot Springs–Baked Farm Bread
- Gravad Arctic Char with Sweet Mustard–Horseradish Sauce
- Farm-Smoked Reindeer Filet and Tongue with Aromatic Birch Leaves,Icelandic Wild Herbs and Berries
- Shredded Dry Haddock with Pickled Vegetables
- Capelin Roe with Barley Crisps, Seaweed, and Chives
- Cod Tongues with Whey, Cucumbers, and Herbs

Icelandic Beer
Reyka Vodka
Brennivin Aquavit


- Icelandic Small Potatoes with Wild Goose Breast, Ash and Swedish Truffles
- Hugel & Fils Hugel Riesling 2007

- Arctic Char with Mussel Emulsion, Dried Dulse, and Frozen Mussel Cream
- Hugel & Fils Hugel Riesling 2007

- Langoustines with Butter-Caramelized Cauliflower, Trout Roe, Horseradish Snow and Spruce Aroma
- Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils Valmur Grand Cru Chablis 2006

- Bacalao with Onion Confit, Pickled Beets, Beet Butter and Farmbread Crumble
- Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio MonVi Colli Perugini Rosso 2004

- Icelandic Lamb Duo.  Dill-Crusted Roast and Blanquette, Served with White Root Vegetables, Barley and Herbs
- Midsummer Cellars Tomasson Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

- Celery and Celeriac Sherbet with Cottage Cheese and Walnuts

- Skyr Volcano.  Freeze-Dried Skyr with Blueberries, Crowberries, and Vinarterta
- Cantine Pellegrino Marsala Superiore NV

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