Maybe I Should Have

What do you do when you find yourself in the peculiar situation of becoming bankrupt because of the dreams of businessmen to own the world and the government's inability to protect the common man. Gunnar Sigurðsson "director" had no doubts about what he had to do. In his mind what you do is that you go out there and seek answers. What on earth was going on behind the scenes to make it possible for this to happen ,pretty much overnight?

In the film Gunnar visits the "Business Vikings", politicians, reporters and members of the public at various locations. This quest for answers takes him all over the world including , London, New York, Washington as well as the Island of Tortola. The answers and explanations are as varied as his encounters are many but most seem to agree that the so called Key-figures in our democracy have failed us abysmally.

Gunnar Sigurdsson Director was behind the Open Civil Meetings , where he gathered people that supposedly. Among the people attending the meetings were politicians, economists, media and a lot of other people interested

Gunnar Sigurdsson apparently didn't like the answers he got. Therefore he decided to make this documentary about „the collapse" and the realities facing the average Joe.

Gunnar studied acting and directing at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre in England . He has worked as a Director in theatre as well as doing children´s programs for RUV while working for +FILM.

"Maybe I should have" is Gunnar´s first documentary.

Gunnar has 4 beautiful daughters. Gunnar doesn´t smoke or drink but has one vice. He works out at the expensive bathhouse Laugar and plans to continue to do so while he can. Obviously a guy going bankrupt needs to find cheaper ways of sweating.

Gunnar knows what he wants, very organized and has a clear picture of where he's going.

When: 2 September 2010 @ 6:00pm                                               Where:  Malcolm Klein Reading Room, 66 West 12th Street, Room 510

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