Icelandic Business and Economy

Iceland - The cost-competitive edge

Iceland's operating environment is competitive with leading countries in the industrial world. With its low tax structure, high education levels and competitive costs for skilled labor, land and electricity Iceland is a strong candidate for businesses to short-list when seeking new locations for their international operations.

Iceland presents international businesses and investors with a wide range of opportunities for investments

Iceland offers an attractive fiscal and tax environment for international organizations. 

Positive attitude and a new Act on Incentives for Initial Investments in Iceland offer investors a range of possibilities.

Iceland’s robust R&D, expertise in uniquely sustainable natural resources and our ideal location, bridging two of the world’s strongest markets, have convinced record numbers of foreign companies of the benefits of investing in Iceland.

"Doing Business in Iceland" is a detailed booklet written by the Invest in Iceland and major accounting firms in Iceland, with assistance from the Internal Revenue Directorate, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, The Ministry of Economic Affairs, and other bodies

For more information on doing business in Iceland visit Invest in IcelandIcelandic Chamber of CommerceStatistics IcelandIcelandic Central BankPromote Iceland.

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