Iceland in New York

The Consulate General carries out regular consular functions including assistance to Icelandic nationals and firms in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The Consulate General acts as a Trade and Investment office for North America and hosts the Icelandic Trade Commission, Invest in Iceland, Film in Iceland, Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce and Iceland Naturally in cooperation with Promote Iceland.

The Embassy of Iceland in Washington D.C. also provides a list of frequently asked questions that provide a clear overview of information and assistance that the Embassy is able to provide.

For tourist information or brochure requests please e-mail:

Please contact the Consulate General if you have any further questions.

Visa Applications

How to get a Visa to travel to Iceland



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09.02.2018 • Iceland in New York
Icelandic Seafood Products, Technology & Services
Seafood Expo & Processing North America, March 11-13, 2018 Not only does Iceland offer amazing seafood products but all the technology and services you need to run your business from the ocean to the table.
05.01.2018 • Iceland in New York
Trade and Investment Officer in Canada
The Embassy of Iceland in Canada is seeking a highly motivated professional to play a key role in developing and implementing strategies for Icelandic companies.
28.12.2017 • Iceland in New York
Hraðall fyrir skapandi greinar í New York borg
Umsóknarfrestur er til 20. janúar 2018 Gott tækifæri fyrir aðila með áhuga á Norður Ameríku. Prógrammið byrjar á 2 dögum í Osló, næst 2 vikur í New York borg og eftirfylgni í um 7 mánuði þar eftir.
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