Palestine - Statement by Iceland

Mr. President,


On behalf of the Icelandic Government I extend warm congratulations to our Palestinian sisters and brothers. The resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly yesterday is a major step by the international community towards fulfilling a promise given a long time ago.


It is the sincere hope of the Icelandic Government that the resolution just adopted, will become a turning point for peace.  That it will be used to reinvigorate efforts by both parties as well as the international community, to negotiate all outstanding issues leading to a two state solution with Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace and security.  We also hope to see reinforced efforts on Palestinian reconciliation and for the international community to accommodate such efforts. 


We welcome the broad support demonstrated by the members of the United Nations for the legitimate national aspirations of the Palestinian people. We call upon all member states, including Israel, to unite and embrace the momentum created by this occasion. A negotiated political solution is by far the best way to reach peace and ensure long term security for both Israelis and Palestinians.


Mr. President,


Iceland has consistently argued for the principle of self-determination of small nations. The right of people to choose their own destiny, to carve out their own future, are vitally important concepts for small nations such as Iceland. It is on the basis of these principles that Iceland supports and will continue to support the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and freedom from occupation.


Once again, we welcome Palestine as an Non-member Observer State and look forward to the time when we will be able to salute the State of Palestine as the 194th Member State.


Thank you, Mr. President


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