Vopnaviðskiptasamningur - ávarp Íslands

Adoption of the ATT by the General Assembly

2 April 2013


Mr. President,


Iceland already aligned itself with the political declaration delivered earlier by the Representative of Mexico, but in addition to that Iceland would like to thank the 100 delegations who supported the initiative to make gender based violence a binding criteria for arms export in the Treaty.


Gender based violence and violence against children must be taken into account in all export assessments.  Article 7(4) obligates a State Party, as part of the export assessment process, to take into account the risk of conventional arms, ammunition, munitions, parts or components being used to commit or facilitate serious acts of gender based violence or serious violence against women and children.


A State may not authorize a transfer where there is a risk that gender based violence will have one of the negative consequences listed in Article 7(1), for example when it is a violation of international humanitarian law or human rights law, when it undermines peace and security or when it could be used to commit an offence relating to transnational organized crime.


Where gender based violence is not covered by international human rights or humanitarian law it must still be taken into account.  Having the explicit, binding criterion on preventing gender based violence in Article 7(4) requires a State to act with due diligence to ensure that an arms transfer would not be directed or diverted to a non state actor such as a militia that commits acts of gender based violence.


Thank you, Mr. President


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