Ræða Íslands á stjórnarfundi UN Women

Statement of Iceland at the UN Women Executive Board

1 July 2015



Mr. President, Madame Executive Director.


Iceland would like to thank the Executive Director, Madame Phumzile, and her team for interesting and informative reports presented to the Executive Board during this meeting.  


We recognize with appreciation the tremendous amount of work that the Executive Director and UN Women as a whole has accomplished in regards to organizational development and delivering its operational and normative mandate. 


UN Women continues to be one of four key partners in Iceland´s multilateral development cooperation. That is not only a reflection of belief in the work of UN Women but in line with our commitment to gender equality at all levels and across society.


A testament to this commitment was the recent celebration in Iceland on 19 June of 100 years of women´s right to vote. As a part of that celebration, the Icelandic parliament established a new gender equality fund of 100.000.000 ISK a year for the next five years or around 750.000 USD a year. The fund will benefit our gender equality work in Iceland and abroad and support innovation in this important field.


Mr. President, Madame Executive Director.


I also wanted to use this opportunity here to celebrate our UN women national committee in Iceland. The committee is active on many fronts and there are few Icelanders that don´t know what UN Women is or what it stands for, thanks to the tireless efforts of the national committee. Just in the last year they ran a successful campaign on Save cities and HeforShe, danced against violence with A billion rising and gave out the first gender equality encouragement award with Business Iceland.


But maybe most notably they managed to double the monthly sponsors of UN Women in 2014 compared to 2012. Now almost 4.500 individuals contribute monthly to UN Women, in a similar fashion to UNICEF´s global parents which also enjoys great success in Iceland. Their contribution to UN Women´s work in violence prevention was over 260.000USD in 2014. We hope their recent HeforShe campaign will result in more men contributing in 2015.


This number may not look like a lot but considering our small size just imagine the potential if other UN Women national committees would organize a monthly fundraising effort.


We would encourage other Member States, with the support of UN women, to actively support their national committees, not only to support furthering the knowledge of the important work UN Women does in their own countries but to bolster the funding base of the organization. Each dollar goes a long way.


Thank you. 

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