Icelandic Societies in the UK:

The Icelandic Society in London
organises events for Icelanders in London. See their Facebook groups Icelanders in London and Icelanders in London - ads.

Freyjurnar on the Humberside organises and annual thorrablot in Hull.

Ísskot - Icelanders in Scotland.

Icelanders in Scotland.

Icelandic Choir of London.

Other Icelandic groups in the UK:

Icelanders in Cambridge

Icelanders in Manchester

Icelanders in Brighton

Icelanders studying in London

The Icelandic congregation in London
The Icelandic congregation in London was founded in 1983 and hold three services annually in the Swedish Church in London in addition to a service to celebrate the 17th June in the Danish Church in Regent's Park and a services on the Humberside. See further on or their Facebook page.

For any queries, please contact:
Rev. Steinunn Arnthrúdur Björnsdóttir, tel. +354 662 2677, email:  or
Rev. Sigurdur Arnarson, tel. +354 893 9682, email:

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