Driving Licence

If you reside permanently in the UK, you cannot renew your Icelandic driving licence but must exchange it for a British driving licence.

Icelandic embassies can no longer accept applications for Icelandic driving licences for holders, who are permanently resident in another EU/EEA country. You are considered a UK resident if you reside here for 185 days in a calendar year.  Those who reside in the UK temporarily are exempt.

For information on how to exchange your licence, please see: Exchanging a foreign driving licence

If your Icelandic licence is lost or stolen and you wish to exchange it for a British driving licence, you must obtain written confirmation of your licence from the District Commissioner in Reykjavik (Sýslumaðurinn á höfuðborgarsvæðinu) to send with your  application. Call +354 458 2000 or email smh@syslumenn.is.

For permanent residents of Iceland. How to apply for an Icelandic driving licence:
- Book an appointment on tel. 0207 259 3999 or email emb.london@mfa.is.
- Provide the Embassy with your Icelandic ID number. The Embassy will then order the relevant application form from the Icelandic police.

What to bring to your appointment:
- Valid Icelandic passport.
- Two new high quality passport photographs (in colour). Background must be white, facial expression should be neutral with mouth closed.
- Recent eye test certificate you wear glasses.

Lost and stole driving licence
The loss and theft of Icelandic driving licences should be reported to the police. Report the loss or theft to the Embassy of Iceland as well on emb.london@mfa.is or tel. 0207 259 3999.

Provisional driving licence
Note that provisional driving licences cannot be renewed at the Embassy.

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