The Improvised History of the World
The Improvised History of the World is an interactive, immersive musical show with music written by three promising international composers, including Icelander Gunnar Karel Másson
W.G. Collingwood's Letters from Iceland
The non-profit charity the R. G. Collingwood Society recently published the book W. G. Collingwood's Letters from Iceland - Travels in Iceland 1987 by W.G. Collingwood and Jón Stefánsson.
Icelandic gigs in the UK and Ireland!
There are plenty of Icelandic gigs coming up for music lovers in the UK and Ireland from March - July 2014! Check out the list below and follow updates on the website of Iceland Music Export.
The Nordic Playlist: The new path to Nordic music
A new online platform compiling the most influential and cutting edge music from the Nordic countries launched on 7 January 2014. Nordic Playlist makes it easy to discover and stay updated on the best Nordic music - introduced to you by the prominent...

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