Vigdis Palsdottir Attaché Leaves the Embassy
Vigdis Palsdottir, the longest serving employee of the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs with over 40 years long career, is leaving for Iceland after having served at the Embassy of Iceland in London.
Gerdur Kristny at Poetry Parnassus
The Icelandic poet Gerdur Kristny read some of her poems at the Poetry Parnassus festival which commenced 26 June. The festival is the largest of its kind ever staged in the UK.
Of Monsters and Men Concerts on 12 and 14 July
Of Monsters and Men will be holding two concerts in the UK this month: 1. Venue: Scala, London, on 12 July - sold out 2. Venue: Latitude, Southwold - tickets on sale: http://www.latitudefestival.co.uk/tickets/
An Icelandic Book Introduced in Westminster
A special introduction was held to commemorate the publishing of the English translation of "Vulture's Lair," a novel by Icelandic author and journalist Hallur Hallsson in Westminster Palace in May.
Reykjavik Boys Choir Concert
The Reykjavik Boys Choir will hold a concert at the Danish Church in London on Wednesday 13 June at 6 pm. Choirmaster is Fridrik S. Kristinsson and accompanist Lenka Mátéová.
Icelandic play "Kitchen to Measure" on stage in April
The Icelandic play “Kitchen to Measure” by Vala Thorsdottir, based on short stories by Svava Jakobsdottir, will be performed in Turkish by the Ala Turka drama group at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston from 11.-13. April 2012

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