Announcement regarding passport applications

Registers Iceland, the issuing authority of Icelandic passports, has announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, special measures regarding the issuing of new Icelandic passports apply from 12 May until June. This will affect Icelandic passport applicants worldwide.

The following measures will apply from 12 May until June:

- Those who apply for a new passport and are due to travel within Europe before 10 June 2017 will be issued with an emergency passport.  The regular passport will be issued at a later date and sent according to the applicant's wishes at the time of application. Applicants will not be charged for the emergency passport when they apply for a regular passport, but are kindly asked to bring one passport photo. 

- Those due to travel outside Europe before 10 June 2017 will be issued with a regular passport. 

- Those due to travel after 10 June 2017.  Applicants may be issued with either an emergency passport or regular passport, depending on whether the outstanding issue has been resolved and the passport service has returned to normal.

- Express passport service will be unavailable.

- Registers Iceland asks all applicants to complete an online form (in Icelandic). 

The Embassy apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

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