New Icelandic Passports

As of May 17th 2006 Iceland starts issuing new Biometric Passports. From July 2006, Icelandic Citizens will be able to apply for the new Biometric Passports through Icelandic Embassies in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, London and Washington.

Other Icelandic Embassies and Icelandic Consulates can not accept applications for Icelandic Passports as of May 17th 2006. Consulates can prolong the validity of Icelandic Passports but only for one year as of the date that it expired. Emergency Passports are only issued to Icelandic Citizens that are not able to apply for new passports through Icelandic Embassies. It should be noted that Emergency Passports are not ideal travel documents.

For more information see the website of the Icelandic Ministry of Justice.

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