Archie and the Icelandic Mystery

Father and son Lewis and Daniil Owens have written together a series of charity children's books in support of autism charities. Their first book, Archie's Wayabout an 11 year-old boy and his dad and their adventures on the London Underground was published in December 2016 and has so far raised £1,700 for charity.

Their second book, Archie and the Icelandic Mystery, is set on the Icelandic island of Viðey and was published on 2 April 2017 to coincide with the World Autism Awareness Day. The story follows Archie and his Dad, a lecturer in Medieval History at the local university, who has to visit Iceland for a weekend to research Viðey and takes Archie with him. There they meet the the renowned and fierce Icelandic archeologist Professor Margrét Magnúsdóttir, their host for the weekend, and Reverend Gudjonsson, minister of Viðey Church, and decide to fight an evil businessman who plans to turn the historical Viðey House and Church into a hotel!

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated equally between the Centre for ADHD and Autism Support (CAAS) and the NSPCC. 

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