Presidential election 2016: Pre-election voting

Pre-election voting for the upcoming presidential election on the 25th of June will commence on the 3rd of May 2016 at the embassy.

Voters are received on Mon-Fri between 10 am - 4pm. The embassy will be closed on the 2nd, 5th, 16th and 30th May, 3rd June after 12:00 and 17th June 2016.

Extended opening hours for voters: Saturday 11th June from 13:00-16:00 and Tuesday 14th June until 20:00. Please email should you wish you cast your vote on these days.

Voters are advised to arrange an appointment prior to casting their vote at an Icelandic Consulate. Information on Consulates can be found here.

Please note that voters are responsible for seeking information on candidates prior to casting their vote. Voters must present an Icelandic ID, either a passport or a driving licence. Voters are also responsible for posting their votes in time to the appropriate election committee in Iceland, on or before the 25th of June. The last day to vote at the embassy is the Friday 24th of June 2016. 

Practical information on the elections can be found on 

Click here for the Icelandic version of this announcement.


First posted 29.04.2016

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