VaVaVoom at the Edinburgh Fringe

Breaking News, a production by Icelandic theatre company VaVaVoom, will recieve its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe in August, following critically acclaimed performances at the National Theatre of Iceland in Reykjavik in 2012. 

Breaking News at the National Theatre of Iceland

Through a striking blend of puppetry, live soundscapes, multimedia, experimental lighting and dynamic set design, celebrated young company VaVaVoom explore the presence and influence of media on everyday life, in a wordless portrayal of one man's desperation to connect.

“…an absolute delight for both ears and eyes... It is clear that this production was created with knowledge, innovation and vision” Fréttablaðið (Iceland)

Sunna Reynisdóttir, Co-founder of VaVaVoom said, “Breaking News focuses on how we as human beings have a daily relationship with news, and how it becomes a part of our habitual routines. We chose to explore ‘the breakfast table’ ritual; how pouring cereal into a bowl has become intertwined with consuming news and sharing news, building a fortress around ourselves with the latest newspaper, radio, laptop, smartphone and TV. The original idea for this piece came after the economical crash in Iceland. News came pouring out of the radio in the kitchen next to a stack of newspapers, people frantically searched online for the latest news, while the TV blasted on full volume in the living room.  We were always certain that we didn't want to make a piece about news being good or bad for you. Instead we wanted to look at what news does for us, and we were intrigued by its use it as a substitute for companionship, or to fill a void in a room. What does it do physically for us, can it make us sick, can we overdose on it?”

VaVaVoom was founded in 2011 by Sara Martí and S. Sunna Reynisdóttir who met while studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. VaVaVoom's work ranges from puppetry and object theatre, to stagings of contemporary plays, to devised physical theatre. 

Breaking News is performed by Sunna Reynisdóttir and Irena Stratieva
Direction and dramaturgy by Sara Martí and Raul Fuertes
Written by S. Sunna Reynisdóttir, Sara Marti and company
Music and soundscape by Sóley Stefánsdóttir
Movement direction by Alice Jordan
Set, costume and props by Eva Signý Berger
Lighting design by Ingi Bekk
Video design/projection by Pierre-Alain Giraud and Ingi Bekk
Summerhall (Cairns Lecture Hall), Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1QH 
0845 874 3000 |
Fri 2 – Sun 25 Aug at 3pm (not 12 & 19)
Running Time 1 Hour | Suitable for ages 12+
Ticket information: Edinburgh Fringe
Further information:
Twitter: @VaVaVoomTheatre

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