True North: Literary Translations in the Nordic Countries

True North: Literary Translations in the Nordic Countries is a new book by B. J. Epstein, a Senior Lecturer in Literature and Public Engagement in the University of East Anglia. This is the first book to solely focus on literary translation from, to and between the Nordic languages. The book is divided into three sections - these are novels, children’s literature, and other genres – encompassing drama, crime fiction, sagas, cookbooks, and music – although, naturally, there are connections and overlapping themes between the sections.

Authors analysed are e.g. Halldór Laxness, Virginia Woolf, Selma Lagerlöf, Astrid Lindgren, Mark Twain, Henrik Ibsen, Henning Mankell, Janis Joplin, and Jamie Oliver. Topics examined include particular translatorial challenges; translating for specific audiences or influencing audiences through translation; re-translation; the functions of translated texts;  the ways in which translation can change a genre; the creation of identity through translation and more.

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