The Improvised History of the World

The Improvised History of the World is an interactive, immersive musical show with music written by three promising international composers, including Icelander Gunnar Karel Másson. Lyrics are written by British poets and an international team from the UK, Iceland, Sweden, Belgium, Lithuania and Poland are behind designing and devising the show.

The audience's journey starts in the beginning of the human race and goes through five main eras. In each of the periods, they will encounter a conflits they will need to resolve! The team of musicians, performers and storytellers will transform the world in accordance to the decisions the audience takes -
it's completely up to you what happens next!

From 3-4 August 2014
Part of the Tête-à-Tête
Opera Festival at King's Cross
The Platform Theatre
Central Saint Martins
Handyside Street
London N1C 4AA

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