"The Capital Series 2011-2013" art exhibition by Ingimar Einarsson

The Capital Series 2011-2013 is a new exhibition by Icelandic artist Ingimar Einarsson, which opens at the Embassy in September.

Ingimar Einarsson is a young artist who graduated from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2011. He also studied at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou.

In 2011, he photographed well known architecture in 26 capital cities in Europe, travelling over 12,000 km by train stretching from Lisbon in the west to Athens in the south east.

The exhibition consists of a selection of framed digital collage prints made out of those photographs, as well as a limited edition book that includes the 26 works so far in the series.

This is a continuous body of work and this year he will finish photographing the rest of eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Open from 19 September - 18 December 2013 
Monday - Friday 9am-4:30pm.
Viewings by appointment only
Tel. 0207 259 3999 or e-mail emb.london@mfa.is


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