Northern Light Season: Variations of Closer at the Sadler's Wells

Photo: Tom Akinleminu, painting by Marion Bataillard


This autumn, Sadler's Wells celebrates Nordic dance culture with a "Northern Light" season of six works, showcasing by established and emerging contemporary artists from the Nordic countries.

Showing her work for the first time in London, Icelandic dancer and choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir presents a piece of dance questioning what it means to be engaged in the act of watching. Best known for her performances with international choreographers such as Jan Fabre and Gisele Vienne, this year she has been commissioned by Cullberg Ballet to create a new version of her solo performance Soft Target.

In Variations on Closer, the audience comes face to face with three charismatic female performers. They explore different levels of physical closeness between themselves as individuals and their observers. Audience and performers alike are offered a chance to reassess what it feels like to be observed, breaking traditional theatrical conventions. Confronted with the effect of the gaze, we are invited to enter an unsettling moment of empathy, attraction, intimacy and alienation.

The performance is accompanied by an enigmatic soundtrack by a pioneer of experimental electronic music, Peter Rehberg (known as PITA), the owner and artistic director of the record label MEGO. Variations on Closer is an intriguing and intimate theatrical experience from one of Iceland’s most daring dance makers.


Variations on Closer
2 and 3 October 2014 at 8pm
Sadler's Wells - Lilian Baylis Studio
Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R
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