Katrin Fridriks at the Lazarides Rathbone Gallery

Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks will have her work displayed at the "Fresh Paint" exhibition at the Lazarides Rathbone gallery from 19 April - 16 May 2013. 












The exhibition will feature a selection of emerging and established artists, whose work has captured the eye of gallery owner Stephen Lazarides, such as Brett Amory & Borf, Sandow Birk, Bill Dunlap, Frank Laws, the Miaz Brothers and Katrin Fridriks.

"Unlike her male counterparts in Fresh Paint, Katrin Fridriks addresses the world around her through constructions. Fusing Japanese calligraphic signs with Abstract Expressionism and through a mastery of technical skill, her colourful drippings evoke a 3rd dimension creating various architectural perspectives. Fridriks works mostly with large-scale canvases and sculptures presented in installation format, which raise environmental and political issues" - Purple PR

Lazarides Rathbone
11 Rathbone Place
London W1T 1HR

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