The musical 'Love' by Gísli Örn Gardarsson and Vikingur Kristjánsson

Following the spine-tingling, sell-out Metamorphosis, Iceland’s coolest theatre company return with a heart-warming love story. Set in an old people’s home – think Romeo and Juliet in reverse – Love is a romantic musical with a professional cast and a chorus of local senior citizens singing songs by popular artists. Who says romance has an age limit?

Neville is 80 and slowly wasting away in an unremarkable care home. His life seems to be heading for a predictable end until Margaret arrives for a short stay. Margaret, 78 and terrified of what will happen to her, meets Neville over tea and singing, and their lives change forever. Then Neville suggests they escape for a night out on the town?.

Love is Vesturport’s actor and director Gísli Örn Gardarsson’s playwriting debut. Gisli, who worked in an Old People’s Home in the 1990s, says: “It is one of the most important show’s I have done because the issues are real. It was all there in front of my eyes. And it celebrates life. What if you experience the greatest love of your life when you’re 70? What else can you do but sing about it?”

Already a hit in Iceland, an adaptation is about to open in Korea. This UK version has been adapted by the Lyric’s own Artistic Director David Farr, with set design by the man behind Metamorphosis’s awesome split-level stage, Börkur Jónsson. The Lyric’s Creative Learning department have scoured West London to assemble the smash-hit 15 strong ensemble: aged between 62 and 83, every singer is full of life, and lungs. The chorus will breathe new life into songs by The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and many others.

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