Sophia Rizvi Exhibition

Fara og Koma 2 / Coming and Going: 2
An Artist’s Journey in Iceland

From the Artist:

Fara og Koma / Coming and Going describes my relationship with Iceland over the past 15 years. Since 1994, when I was still a student, I visited Iceland every year, sometimes for long periods of time, and at different times of the year. I have grown up with Iceland, and my work has grown through my growing knowledge of the country. Iceland has become my second home.

Riding Icelandic horses has become an essential part of my life in Iceland. I rode at Laxnes horse farm on my first visit to Iceland, as a tourist and beginner. I became a regular rider and helper on the farm, and then a tour guide, taking out tourists on the rides in the country around Laxnes. I learnt to feel the landscape through the horse’s movement over changing terrain; and through exposure to everything that Icelandic weather could throw at me, I have gained a sense of the unique light and dynamics of the country. These experiences and sensations lie at the heart of my paintings.

The paintings shown in Fara og Koma 2 are based on two months spent working at Laxnes horse farm in late winter last year. Some are personal records, diaries with topographical maps showing the farm and surrounding areas with the riding tracks, and fragments of life on the farm; individual horses, family members, the farm vehicles, views from the farm. The larger paintings embody a bigger and more general sense of Iceland, a volcanic island always on the edge. SR09

“It has been amazing to follow the path of Sophia Rizvi connecting in her painting the Icelandic nature, horses and life, and to witness how much she is growing as an artist, a very good painter. She has been working at Laxnes horse farm for many years and we look at her as one of the family. To view her work is to see our life through an artist´s eyes.”

Þorarinn Jonasson, owner of Laxnes Horse Farm, Iceland

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