Rupert Nightingale From Static to Silence - Icelandic Landscapes 2008-9

74 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DL
8th October - 28th October 2009

Photographer Rupert Nightingale presents a series of large-format photographic prints of Icelandic landscapes.

The landscape in Iceland is visible and vivid proof of the the extremes of geological action. It's fabric is ripped and torn, pock marked with crust and tumours, the colour and texture of its surface a product of the myriad volcanic minerals belched from the earth's interior. Whilst these images are stylistically a meditation on both texture and form, they also attempt to address the idea of the mythic and perceived permanence of the landscape. In Iceland one's surroundings appear imperious and unmoving but they are in actuality absorbing crushing natural forces of an unimaginable scale. On a more personal level the images attempt to convey the deep calm that descends when the digital blizzard of modern life is left far behind and the journey to silence has left you face to face with the timeless.

Formerly the picture editor and photo director for Men's Health magazine, Rupert began shooting commissions in 2003. Since then he has worked with newspapers, magazine and book publishers as well as design groups. Rupert has always wanted to break free from the busy confines of the digital studio and explore the possibilities offered by large format photography. He believes the slower, more contemplative approach to shooting, combined with the detail and tonal richness of the negative, gives rise to a more satisfying and painterly final image.

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