Riding around Iceland from 9th - 26th June 2010

Reach is predominantly a children’s charity whose purpose is to support children with an upper limb deficiency and help them develop a positive self image. There are many types of hand or arm deficiency, the anomaly is so varied that obtaining support can be difficult. Many professionals involved in health care do not see enough cases to build up expertise. Reach hopes that by pooling the knowledge of its membership it can offer a level of support to all. Some children in Reach are missing all or part of an arm, others have partial hands or possibly malformed or missing fingers or thumb. Some may also have arm and leg deficiencies

So here’s the tale of how our fundraising adventure came about.

I took a large swig of a very palatable red wine at my very own 41st birthday bbq, looked across the table and said to Nick "Do you fancy doing a charity bike ride that's a bit more extreme than the London to Brighton?" He took a similarly large swig and replied without a second thought "Yes, where do you want to go?" I hadn't thought this far ahead, although somewhere hot and sunny appealed to the extreme adventurer in me, so I turned the question back on him with a glib "Don't mind, any ideas?" Waving his fork with a very well cooked pork and apple sausage in the air he said "How about Iceland?"

Everyone's eyes were on me; the tension mounted.... I replied "yes" a little weakly because inside I was thinking 'isn't it cold wet and very windy and aren't some of the roads little more than gravel tracks and doesn't everybody live in Reykjavik?' Nick warmed to the idea and said "I think there's a road that goes virtually the whole way around Iceland and up in the North we'll be lucky to see 100 cars a day."

"What's the weather like and how far is it?" I asked casually.  Rather too precisely Nick replied "845 miles and if we're lucky it might hit 18 degrees c."

"If we're not?" I said less casually.

 "Horizontal rain, the chance of snow in the North and wind you wouldn't believe" I took another very large swig of red wine and said "OK let’s go!"

Having made the decision to go I thought our adventure wouldn’t start until we reached Iceland on 9th June 2010.  How wrong I was we’ve both found ourselves doing and asking for things that we never imagined would be part of our adventure but certainly are now part of our fundraising journey.  I’ve ridden with a pumpkin on my head for Halloween, both Nick and I have appeared only in our cycling shorts outside a petrol station in late November, slept in a tent at -3 degrees (I’m generally a 5 star kind of man!) and spoken to loads of people about Reach.  We’ve talked to plenty of companies about helping with our trip and most have been more than happy to offer us a nice discount.  So if ever any of you are wondering what tyres to buy choose Continental, Flights - Icelandair, bike kit - Cycles Dauphin and Cyclesense, Outdoor equipment - The Outdoor Store and if ever you’re lost and need to find your way - SatMap.

We’ve been overwhelmed with people’s willingness to donate and would like to take this opportunity to thank Oxford Science Studies who are matching donations received from their customers as well as helping with equipment costs. Lastly we would like send our love to all within Reach who have already donated and give those who haven’t a gentle nudge www.justgiving.com/pete-n-nick-r-nutz.


To find out more about our trip visit www.aroundiceland.co.uk or join our facebook group “Reach around Iceland”.

If you’d like to contact us directly you can email us at peter@aroundiceland.co.uk. We love good luck messages and offers of support.

We’re off out on our bikes,

Love Pete-n-Nick

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