Reykjavik Nights in London

Two Little Dogs PR and Icelandic Music Exports introduces Reykjavik Nights in London, celebrating the success of Icelandic music in the UK club scene, on June 17th at the Luminaire in London.

Trabant are headlining on the first night with support acts from Æla and UK music-maker Tim Ten Yen.


Reyjavik Nights

Sunday 17th June 2007

Luminaire, London




“Each song teeters beautifully between Queen and The Killers - there ain’t  no shame in this neo-glam electropop game”   (NME)

“Check them out before they hit a rock stadium near you”   (i-D)

“Expect them to be taking the crown for UK’s best party band sometime soon”   (Disorder)

“The first time I heard 'Nasty boy' was in the back of the car outside a restaurant in Fatima,Portugal, during Euro 2004. ever since then I’ve been in hot pursuit. Finally last year I saw them in Reykjavik in a beer factory with 2k drunk elves and fairies. I left flushed, covered in glitter and lipstick. It was momentous. I want everybody to see this band before they die."” (Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim)



Æla literally means “puke”. Æla plays Icelandic punk rock. Audience in concerts have advised the band members to get health insurance due to their wild stage act, especially their front man who repeatedly jumps to a chair he always brings along. If he spills your beer, don't take it personally. Æla sound is influenced by Iceland old punk bands, like Purrkur Pilnikk and Þeyr but also more modern bands like Shellac and Modest Mouse. Æla is now finishing recording their debut album and was  released in 2006. Æla were on Dr. Gunni's top five for Iceland Airwaves 2004 Æla's off-kilter blink-and miss-it songs go off like a firecracker. Their set at Airwaves gave people a chance to see Iceland's peculiar brand of punk rock up close and personal.” (Drowned in Sound)


Tim Ten Yen:

Tim Ten Yen is the young, handsome, singing salaryman who hits you right between the eyes with his dynamic live pop show!

With only a smoke machine, the Sinister Cat and some fancy dance moves, Tim leads you through a fun-packed music mini-metropolis.

Make no mistake - this is karaoke at it’s finest and, some say, most exhilarating!! “ (Drowned in Sound)



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