Reykjavik Movement: Exhibition by Peter Anderson

Tue 30 Mar to Sun 11 Apr Lower Gallery; Opening hours Tue to Fri 11am to 4pm, Sunday 11th midday to 5pm              

Private View and Artist’s Talk: Wed 31 March 7.30-10pm /e:


International dancer/artist following new creative paths returns to North London from Iceland.
Born in Edmonton and raised in Crouch End and Hornsey, Peter Anderson is returning from Reykjavik, Iceland for his first North London art exhibition this month.

Peter Anderson works in a variety of creative media. His early creative development was encouraged in art at Highgate Wood School; mime and dance at the Weekend Arts College (Kentish Town); and dance in Odsox dance group (Barnet). Since graduating from the Rambert Dance School he has honed his dance and choreography skills in France, Germany, Belgium, Wales and for the last 10 years Iceland, working for the Iceland Dance Company.

Here he diversified again with film, improvised comedy and painting. Discovering the use of splashes opened painting up for him in 2005.

 It became a physical experience, as if dancing from paint to picture. His acrylic paintings on canvas reflect his experiences of Iceland’s unique and every changing, physical and economic, light and landscapes. Yet they have a universal emotional appeal.

He now also shares his creative learning experiences through guest lecturing.

Peter Anderson was born  in 1970 and  studied at Brunel University in the Rambert  Dance School, graduating in 1992.He is now based in Iceland working as the Project Manager for the Iceland Dance company, choreographing for the company and directing the education unit. Dedicating himself to dance, comedy and art he has created award winning  Icelandic Dance Theatre pieces  , critically acclaimed choreographies e.g. “Critics’Choice” and both solo and collaborative art  exhibitions i.e. In Reykjavik: Gallery Turpentine (2007), Start Art, Saltelagid (2008), Solon and in London : The Printhouse , Dalston (2009). He has represented Iceland as an artist and as a speaker for teaching creativity to young people for Scandinavian and Baltic organisations and is a guest lecturer for the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and for Dans i Nord in Sweden.

He is the founder and director of the comedy improv group ‘Watch My Back’ and has created independent movies (dance and narrative e.g. “Health Spa”).

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