Proudly presenting a preliminary programme for the second DesignMarch 18-21 March 2010

With the success of DesignMarch last year, we are now proud to present the upcoming DesignMarch on 18-21 March 2010, celebrating the awakening of spring and the growth in Icelandic Design. We invite you to march with us and celebrate a four-day design feast in Reykjavík.

Whether it is Icelandic designers exhibiting interesting new designs, work in progress or old favourites, the aim of DesignMarch is to create a refreshing town fair, where Icelandic design meets the media, the public and tourists. All over the city - in abandoned warehouses, shops, galleries, restaurants and even in the streets - Icelandic design is bursting forth.


An extensive and impressive programme for DesignMarch is in the pipeline to be published at the beginning of March. We promise a profusion of events, stimulating lectures and exhibitions reflecting the diversity of Icelandic design.


DesignMarch will bring colour to the city of Reykjavík. It heralds the coming of spring - bright and joyous - and throws light on new opportunities. We are looking forward to seeing you at DesignMarch 2010.



Preliminary programme




Children´s sizes

Exhibition of selected designs which have shaped children’s worlds by both Icelandic and foreign designers. The focus is on 3D design; toys and furniture, and especially objects useful to children and designed with their needs and their world of ideas in mind. The oldest objects hark back to the first half of the 20th century and the most recent are created specifically for this exhibition. Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjörður.


Fish Skin to Leather

Opening exhibition at the Museum of Design and Applied Art. An exhibition of design using fish skin tanned and processed in Iceland. There will be samples of work created by international designers such as Donna Karan NY, Jacques Le Corre, Christian Louboutin and many others. A selection of Icelandic designers - Steinunn, Farmers Market and the furrier Eggert feldskeri to name a few – will also display their work using the material.


Brooches & Brooches

Icelandic jewellers exhibit brooches made from a wide range of materials, influenced by diverse trends and in various traditions. The brooch is one of the oldest decorative objects, both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


Reykjavik Rewind

A refreshing dialogue between design students from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and some of Iceland’s most prominent and respected designers, who have been contributing to Icelandic design since the 1950s.





Graphic Design 2009 | Icelandic Graphic Design Awards


Hang in there | Ceramicists exhibit new and original objects in Reykjavík´s oldest house






Project Laugavegur

The best in product design in and around central Reykjavík. The boom in Icelandic design influences the renewed identity of Laugavegur, Reykjavík´s main shopping street. Product design is a young profession in Iceland but has received attention and interest from all over the world. It has grown and evolved tremendously in a short period of time and is quickly becoming a strong voice on the international design scene.



In all languages there are words that do not translate easily and “heima” is one of them. It does not only mean “at home” or “homeland” but also “live with/there” and “belong”. Heima is a co-operative project attempting to capture all these meanings and take a fresh look at them, evolve old values and explore what makes us feel at home wherever we are, to understand what defines us and our comfort zone. Heima presents five new designers and their designs for Heima at DesignMarch.



Bongó Blíða is a collection of decorative objects, designed to add a touch of adventure to existing tableware. The idea is to allow Icelanders to conjure up their own tropical atmosphere at home at a time when travelling abroad has become too expensive due to Iceland´s near economic collapse. The project will be launched at Marengs, the museum café at the National Gallery of Iceland.



Metamorphoses | An exhibition of selected work and new projects by Studiobility.


Parking Flowers | The atmosphere on Laugavegur shopping street is changed by landscape architects


m3 | Architects improvise a project in one cubic metre. At the Architect DesignMarch Centre in downtown Reykjavík


Ceramics in restaurants | New Icelandic pottery takes over cafes and restaurants all around the city







Reykjavík Fashion Festival

Reykjavik Fashion Festival seeks to channel Iceland’s creative energy into a DesignMarch event, both for locals and an international audience. Driven by a communal passion for Iceland and its unique take on fashion, design and music, Reykjavik Fashion Festival presents the talent that makes the country so unique at venues around the city.


Living Library of Design

The Human Library is an innovative method to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding. The main characteristics of the project are to be found in its simplicity and its positive approach. During DesignMarch, designers version of the Human Library will be up and running.



Bus tours around Reykjavík with interesting interior design introduced by the designers themselves.

A wide perspective on Reykjavik - from the sea. Boats leaving from Reykjavik Harbour sailing along the coast. The capital and its vicinity are explored from a different angle than that which we are used to.

Architectural walks through the narrow streets of Reykjavík.


Reykjavík Showroom

A showcase of the force and diversity that Icelandic fashion design has to offer.  Both well established and emerging Icelandic fashion designers present their new collections.




The Grand Finale | Creative individuals join forces in a fashion show with a twist in the Reykjavík Museum of Art.


Openings, parties, concerts and confetti




Iceland Design Centre Lecture Series

The Iceland Design Centre organises a series of lectures at the DesignMarch. We aim for an impressive programme; Friday 19 March and Saturday 20 March 10:00 – 13:30. Special invited guests to the DesignMarch will take pride of place in the lecture series programme.


Pecha Kucha

The Iceland Design Centre in collaboration with Ráðuneytið (The Ministry) present a Pecha Kucha evening at the Hafnarhús site of the Reykjavík Art Museum. The innovative Pecha Kucha approach involves a series of micro-lectures based on slides. The programme will focus on design.




Architects’ micro-lectures

Curatorial talks

Video Gallery

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