OLAFUR ARNALDS and yndi halda

Ólafur Arnalds is a young Icelandic musician whose music has been described as “beautiful in the same way the arctic is”.

Mixing strings with loops, ambiance, electronics and beats Arnalds combines classical instrumentation with an indierock aesthetic that draws comparison to Sigur Ros. His debut album Eulogy for Evolution, on Erased Tape Records, is an evocative, orchestral suite that culminates in a sweeping climax of elegiactic swells and swirling post rocking guitar noise.

'A majestic debut album! Achingly beautiful classical indie from Iceland!' Rock Sound

Post-rock sonic beauty from UK band Yndi Halda, whose name is taken from the ancient Eddic poem Odin’s Raven Magic and translates as ‘enjoy eternal bliss’.

Their songs weave together a barrage of instrumentation with military-styled percussion and driving guitars to create expansive, ambient soundscapes. Their CD Enjoy Eternal Bliss is out now on Big Scary Monsters label.

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