Maddid's Nordic Festival

About the Festival:

Maddid’s Nordic Festival is the only Nordic Festival of its kind in London. We aim to promote Nordic contemporary culture to people in the UK as well as creating networking opportunities for its participants whether it be the artists or the audience. This will be an annual festival and this summer is a little taster of what’s to come in future years.

Starting from scratch, we aim to build a festival that displays both Nordic artists living in the UK as well as visiting companies from home. This will be a great opportunity to see a piece of Nordic contemporary culture and performance as well as to hang out in this unique east London venue.

To participate in the festival, at least one of the core members needs to be from one of the Nordic country (Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland or/and Sweden). The core member needs to be one of the main forces behind the work.

Another key aim for Maddid’s Nordic Festival is to create contacts with venue and artists working in our home countries. As artists having studied and worked most of our performance carer in London, we understand how hard it can be to move back home when you have built up contacts somewhere else. The idea is that this would help people to get their work promoted at home as well as here. This might be crucial for many performance artists to be able to move home one day. We also believe that our home countries would benefit from their artists, many of which wish to return, to move back to the countries with contacts, inspiration and experience from their years abroad.

Ultimately, Maddid Nordic Festival is starting to build bridges to home.

Festival entries to include:

Imitating Eloquence by Imploding Fictions and Oystein Ulsberg Brager

(a work in progress)

Part performance, part game, part ritual; Imitating Eloquence is a discovery of how easy it is to lie. How near death is. And how hard it is to be a voice over.

Intrepid Exploring by Sam Coren & Kasper Hansen

Intrepid Exploring is a humorist collage of live performance and video with an extensive use of costume, movement material and text. It deals with masculine issues such as male dominance, self obsession and loneliness.

Water symbols by Astrid Bärndal


The 21st century is going to be the century of water.

The Nordic countries, Scandinavia is known for it’s richness of water and wonderful nature close to water. Especially being so close related to water, Scandinavia should force the awareness of how to use water sustainable in future.

Janne Malmros

Big backdrop drawing reading as a landscape and score, based on the development of 3 Scandinavia companies on the stock marked in the week leading up to the festival. The drawing will be performed at the festival by 3 musicians.

Red Apples: the Apple Girl by Malin Ståhl

The performance ‘the Apple Girl’ draws inspiration from a character in the painting ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Hieronymous Bosch – a naked girl with two apples attached to her head.

Hjemme by Maria Korsnes

(Contemporary dance solo)

Family, friends, new encounters, places and pathways. Memories fade over time, however the feeling from that memory seem to be etched in our bodies. In ‘Hjemme’ (home) the lost fragments of those memories are revisited and collected to try and make sense of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Snorri Kristjansson -Comedian

A display of limited physical skill, little dramatic value and some words. ‘Hugely likeable and curiously staisfying’ –Time Out

My Name is Rachel Corrie –edited by Alan Rickman and Katherine Viner, performed by Thora Karitas

On March 16, 2003, Rachel Corrie, a twenty-three-year old American, was crushed to death by an Israeli Army bulldozer in Gaza as she was trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. My name is Rachel Corrie is a one-woman play composed from Rachel´s own journals, letters and emails

Hold Me Until You Break –by Bottlefed Ensemble

A performance installation about love and relationships with live music by Kobayashi

"At the beginning there was the image of a woman holding a man until she breaks. We did it many times. We broke in many different ways. It always hurt."

Seahorse Soup

A recipe of 1 audience, 3 performers and an ocean of phobias

Performed by Nissa Nishikawa, Tania El Khoury & Gudmundur Thorvaldsson.

In the deep recess of the brain sits the Seahorse. He is the one to atlas our actions. He is the one to chose our fears.

Johnny/Spalien Acecraft

Interactive intergalactic playground pop for grown-up extra-terestrials

2 plays by SolSkin Theatre Group

The Four Elements

Directed and Choreographed by Joana Raio

In a partially improvised dance theatre piece, the four elements meet, express their needs and find their human side. How far can greed for a precious element drive human kind to destruction?


By Andrea K. Gudmundsdottir

They say that money makes the world go around. What happens when this important factor suddenly turns against us? How does that effect us emotionally and physically? Let’s follow Linda’s journey.

The festival will also include:

SolSkin Theatre Group

experimental improvisers une cartouche,


Maddid Theatre Company will also perform an extract of their newest project

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